KCDMA is an alliance of Kansas City marketers that is dedicated to promoting successful, data-driven marketing by offering valuable educational opportunities and connecting local, like-minded professionals.


KCDMA feels very strongly that successful direct marketing must originate with consistent, fair and honest business practices. Advertisers/marketers, whether selling products or services or raising funds for nonprofit organizations, should make their offers clear and honest. They should not misrepresent a product, service, publication or program and should not use misleading, partially true or exaggerated statements. All descriptions and promises should be in accordance with actual conditions, situations and circumstances existing at the time a mailing or solicitation is made.

In regards to the use of data, KCDMA believes that advertisers/marketers should make every effort to protect consumers’ personal data and to use it to help serve customers, not trick or mislead them. With great amounts of data comes a great responsibility to use it wisely and for a purpose. Advertisers/marketers should not use a list or list data in violation of the terms of the contract regarding that data or data that is not lawfully theirs.

All advertisers/marketers, including those companies who buy, sell, trade or rent lists for direct marketing, should make conscious efforts to remove names from their lists when so requested by either the list owner, buyer or the end consumer, in accordance with the DMA Mail Preference Service, national Do Not Mail list, and other such consumer services.