The Kansas City Direct Marketing Education Foundation (KCDMAEF) was established in May 1995 by a vote of the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association (KCDMA) Board of Directors. KCDMAEF is committed to promoting and fostering direct marketing education in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area and is an entity independent of the KCDMA.

The KCDMAEF is a component fund of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation and Affiliated Trust, the organization that administers the KCDMAEF and receives advice, direct and instructions from the KCDMAEF Advisory Committee. KCDMA provided the initial funding for the Education Foundation and will continue to build its general fund through fundraising events, memorial gifts, and gifts from individuals or corporations interested in the future of direct marketing in Kansas City.

Mission – The Mission of the KCDMAEF is to build an ongoing charitable endowment of the KCDMA which will financially augment the advancement of the educational principles of KCDMA.

Principles – The primary purpose of the Foundation is to promote and foster direct marketing education in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. All efforts in fund raising, investment management and granting of charitable funds will be directed toward this goal. The Foundation’s educational efforts can include, but are not limited to: support of formal direct marketing education at local academic institutions; student scholarships, student and professor symposiums and workshops, KCDMA speakers, workshops and educational